What’s Important

For me? God, Family, Friends, helping others and loving each other. It seems to me that the world being held captive by some virus is a waste of our lives. I’m not saying we should play with our and our loved ones’ lives but life doesn’t need to stop. Go online and see more of each other. Smile when you do. Celebrate life and the things we CAN DO for the world instead of wallowing in the pit of what we can’t do. So what? Dear friends, Today is the Beginning of Tomorrow. Even if you don’t get tomorrow what you do that is meaningful today can be carried on by others. But if you don’t DO today there is nothing for others to carry. What we do is the horn. So let’s make a difference with the horn as our vehicle. We shall remain Horns United!

Ron Wilkins is recovering from going to the brink with covid-19. Ron I can’t wait to hug you my friend!

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