This Is Incredible

Three and a half weeks ago I was shell shocked at the situation in the world. Today I’m involved in a multi national effort to raise money to combat covid 19! Slap me and wake me up! And who is doing this? Horn players (and one saxophonist but Rick can drive the board like no one else:) from all over the world. We are now 16 world-class hornists and friends fighting disease on a national and international scale. I’m so honored and humbled that anyone even listened and I’m so proud of how everyone jumped onboard. Artists and audience members alike, Horns United to stop covid 19. Yeah we aren’t depositing much but it sure isn’t because of us. Tell your friends and family, blow up your social media, call the radio, papers and tv and let them know what’s going on. They don’t gotta have horns, they just gotta have hearts and give. Horns United we are our only form of communication, now let’s ALL get out there and tell people our story faster than covid spreads! I love you all, God bless you all!!! We Are Horns United!!!

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