Therapy For The Soul

For the past 2 months every Thursday and Saturday I loose myself for about 3 hours running Horns United. The intense lead up making sure everything is operating beautifully. Claude, setting up the mic/device for the performer. He’s learned how to squeeze every meg of bandwidth available out of a router. Rick, getting us started and moving forward, teaching me how to fly the Millennium Falcon. All the fantastic guests (and more to come) who have given, yes, given of their time to support charity. James for a fun interview. Beth and David, I love you two dearly and value your mentorship. Peter, Mike, Carrie, Monica, Doug for your advice and guidance. Patrick, Haley and James for your willingness to step in and do stuff! You have all been therapy for my soul and I think we in return have done the same for those that tune in. We’ve made new friends and reconnected with old ones. We’ve laughed hard and felt moved hearing those “Ah ha!” moments even if over the net. We’ve hung out and talked on the back end of things and I don’t know about y’all but it’s been nice to just forget the ugly and become immersed in the sheer joy of making music because we want to. No auditions, no winners or losers, just “show me how to play better please?” Sure, try this. How much fun is that. Like a new work of art being created right before our eyes. Thank you Lord!

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