Texas Horn Ensemble

About the Texas Horn Ensemble

The Texas Horn Ensemble came to being because of a request from the IHS to Horns United to bring a group to IHS 54. Since we were going to Kingsville, Texas we thought it would be fun to have a group comprised of past and present Texas High School musicians. The criteria for membership are that a person must have placed in the top 16 at a TMEA Area competition or better. Membership from there is available to people in High School, College and Professional ranks.

The Texas Horn Ensemble's inaugural concert will be held Friday, August 5th at 11am at Texas A&M University- Kingsville.

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Welcome to membership in the Texas Horn Ensemble. To grow we need to be noticed and the best way to get noticed is through Social Media. Please “like”, “comment”, and “forward” any posts from Horns United on all social media platforms you frequent. Also, help us grow our social media presence. If you post and have great ideas for Horns United, contact me and I will connect you to the right volunteer. We are open to fun!!