Paradigm Shifts-Cor Camp

The established view in the analog music world has been that the internet cannot really do justice to a live concert being streamed without expensive equipment. This hasn’t changed much but the situation we analog players find ourselves in is forcing us to adapt. We won’t be able to gather for traditional concerts for the foreseeable future AND camps and festivals have cancelled world-wide. We were approached recently and tasked with bringing the horn world together for a common goal. We realize there is a paradigm shift taking place. Audiences are enjoying watching a concert on TV with the popcorn and soda. It’s like being at Ravinia or Tanglewood or the Hollywood Bowl except you get a recliner and don’t have to fight traffic coming home. So we took that challenge and decided to do what we could do very well and let the stuff we can’t do slow us down. With that we are kicking off Horns United’s Cor Camp (cor means horn in French). As always our primary mission is to stop Covid 19, but we also want to fill that void for young and old players, enthusiasts and budding professionals that keeps them learning. Cor Camp is different. It’s designed for personal comfort and for artistic innovation. Join us on the journey starting June 8th and running through June 26th, Monday-Thursday and help stop covid, sooner rather than later. Every dollar helps. Yes, we are doing camp but will we stop after that? Of course not! Will covid stop? Will mutation stop? No! So neither will we. Why? Because…

For The Love Of Music, For The Love Of Mankind


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