“Fatigue Is The Best Pillow” -Benjamin Franklin

Yesterday, May 23rd 2020, after a few weeks of 14-20 hour days working to get Cor Camp built we hosted Kerry and Kristina, The Virtuoso Horn Duo. Despite the difficulties of streaming live acoustic music, Kerry and Kristina along with producer, Claude managed to present a very engaging, entertaining and informative class. We had our post production debrief, I talked to some sponsors, I called each board member to discuss some urgent issues and then looked at where we were. I reviews the last 2 months in my mind and realized we had come a very long way in a very short time, praise God! Then I looked at our numbers for Cor Camp and I thought our messaging is wrong somehow. We’re going to fix that people so get ready to hit the PayPal button and sign up on Monday after 3pm central time.

Oh, what’s the rest of the story you ask? I had dinner with my wife and afterward it felt like I had been given anesthesia. The exhaustion was so overwhelming I thought I would collapse right there i the did I get room. I came off an 8 week adrenaline high, thank God I made it to bed. Sleep has clarified everything. Wait and see:)

Thanks Ben!

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